The Inland Empire Biking Alliance prides itself in the amount and level of advocacy-based activities it is involved in with local municipalities and transportation agencies to create a safer and more appealing place to bike.

Review and provide feedback for any new and oncoming legislation that is proposed that affects the cycling community in the Inland Empire, including providing letters of support.

We support legislation and policies that promote safer bike infrastructure by increasing the minimum standard for the development of such amenities in a city. 

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The Active Transportation Program (ATP) is a primary funding source for local municipalities to fund active transportation projects. IEBA can complete Part B: Narrative Questions with staff to give agencies the best possible outcome.

Currently, the IEBA has evaluators on staff and have been instrumental in leading trainings through the San Bernardino Active Transportation Network. Our extensive knowledge of the application process and requirements has lead to success like the Highland Orange Street Corridor where IEBA was a consultant.

IEBA offers cities and other agencies the opportunity to seek out projects that will best serve the community as well as identify funding sources for these improvements. IEBA is able to conduct several different aspects of bike and pedestrian planning including project selection, with an eye toward innovation, as well as community outreach and engagement throughout the process of any project. This includes public meetings and workshops that meet the public where they live and travel as well as more involved parts of outreach such as walk audits.

The most important function of IEBA is advocating for cyclists at the government level. We work with cities and agencies to find solutions to infrastructure challenges that prevent many people from riding a bike, whether it be for recreation or transportation. We are the voice of a biking public that sometimes is marginalized and is looking for safer travel ways.

Through partnerships with local government agencies, IEBA can help provide advice on best practices for traffic infrastructure and facilities.

Review and provide feedback for any new and on coming legislation that is proposed that affects the Inland Empire. Including providing letters of support.


The Inland Empire Biking Alliance prides itself in the amount and level of advocacy-based activities it is involved in with local municipalities and transportation agencies to create a safer and more appealing place to bike.

Meant to increase knowledge about road safety and cycling.

Train: transfer knowledge to practice skills and decision making while riding a bicycle.

Motivate: energize and excite participants who want to learn more and ride a bicycle.

The goal of this training is to produce responsible, skilled riders who can lead by example and help other students achieve safe and enjoyable bike riding. Participants will be evaluated on their ability to ride properly, make smart decisions, and be self reliant . Each session will focus on four areas: Riding Skills, Safety, Basic Mechanics and Advanced Riding ability.

Active learning: Studies have shown that active learning increases the likelihood of retention of knowledge. Many of us can remember sitting passively through a one-day conference and then being unable to remember more than the basics the next day. Biking lends itself well for active, practical and experiential learning.

These courses help children and adults feel more confident about getting on a bike, to create a mindset that bicycles are a vehicle, and to ensure that individuals ride safely and understand the law.

Bicycle safety and mechanics education are conducted by League Cycling Instructors (LCI) that have been certified by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB). The first two classes are prerequisites courses that need to be completed to participate in the final seminar required to become an LCI.  We welcome more LCI’s in our region and encourage any and all to utilize the following classes. If you're interested in attending any of these classes please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Available educational courses:

    • Smart Cycling/ Traffic Skills 101
    • Traffic 201
    • Basic Mechanics

IEBA designed mechanics workshops where instructors are actual bicycle mechanics from local bikes shops. The course is made available to educate volunteers and as an added benefit job training in the bicycle industry. To support local bike shops that are in constant need for trained individuals and our intent is to be able to offer individuals this opportunity.

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