Board of Directors

Eric Lewis - President

It’s hard to believe I have been riding a bicycle for over 40 years! As a teenager, my Schwinn BMX bike served as the primary mode of transportation to get me where I wanted to go. Cycling long distance eventually translated to racing in both open road and criterium events. Although my racing experience was not so illustrious, the passion for cycling still remains. Having ridden thousands of miles on just about every major roadway in the Inland Empire, I have experienced all types of cycling environments and infrastructure. It is clear that major changes are needed in the way that elected officials, engineers, and planners provide for the needs of people on bikes.As President of the IEBA, my charge is to advocate for a better cycling culture for all riders, regardless of age or ability, and I am confident that we will effect positive and lasting change for many generations to come. See you on the road!

Robert Neiuber - Vice President 

Growing up, I remember riding my bike on my street, to school and eventually all around town to visit friends.  My first job was as a paperboy for the Progress Bulletin, and I actually got paid to ride my bike.  Unfortunately, once I had a car, my bike riding came to an end. Many  many years later, in 2009, with the encouragement of my wife Robin,  I began to bike again.  I did it as a way to exercise and stuck mostly to the just finished sections of the Pacific Electric Trail running through Rancho Cucamonga.  As I biked more, I ventured out onto the streets and began participating in cycling events like the Redlands RUFF Ride, Tour de Cure, and the LA River Ride. In October 2010, I attended CicLAvia in downtown LA and that sparked my interest in Bike Advocacy.  I started volunteering with the Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail, and in 2012, I attended an eight day  Fundraising Academy put on by the Academy for Grassroots Organizations.  In 2011, I joined the Los angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) and was on the steering committee for their local chapter, the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition, when it was formed in 2012.  I attended an early Inland Empire Bicycle Alliance (IEBA) meeting and have participated in rides and fund raisers with IEBA since its inception.   In 2013, I participated in League of American Bicyclists training with the Orange County Wheelmen and the LACBC and received my League Cycling Instructor certification in May.  Since then, I have taught or assisted in teaching numerous Traffic Safety 101 classes to the community.As Vice President I hope to continue to teach similar bike safety classes throughout the Inland Empire to adults and children, advocate for safety, encourage people to use bikes for short trips and commuting, and look for efficient and effective way to provide education on the rules of the road to cyclists and motor vehicle drivers. When I am not riding my bike, I work as a Human Resources Director/RiskManager for a municipality in the Inland Empire.

Colleen Friis - Treasurer

I am passionate about giving everyone choices and resources to ride bicycles for recreation, health and transportation - - - especially in southern California where the weather is amazing year-round.  I am currently supporting IEBA as Secretary and have associated with the non-profit since day #1 with a strong sense of appreciation for how nonprofits such as ours make a difference for long-term quality of life.  We need all of us involved to make a difference!  Feel free to contact me via the IEBA site for questions, concerns about biking on the dirt or road in the IE.

John Gravois- Bike Co-Op Director

John discovered the joys of commuting by bike on the friendly streets of Los Angeles in 2005.   He has served as a Director of the Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen, a nonprofit, "Do It Yourself" repair shop, and is also a qualified League of American Cyclists Certified Instructor (#2307). John has taught bicycle repair, maintenance and safety classes all over California and founded BikeBBQ in 2010 to bring DIY bike maintenance to the streets of Redlands.

Anna Jaiswal- Director

Anna Jaiswal is a Redlands resident who enjoys biking and walking in her community.  In her day job she is the Acting Director of Planning at Omnitrans, the public transit agency for the San Bernardino Valley.  She also serves on the Redlands Traffic and Parking Commission and hopes to improve the region's transportation system for those who walk, bike, or ride transit.  In addition to five years of non-motorized transportation planning experience, she also volunteered for a start-up bicycle kitchen called Cycle-Re-Cycle in Benton Harbor, Michigan in 2010-2011.

Jorge Heredia - Director

Jorge "Os" Heredia has a BA in Political Science from Cal State University San Bernardino. He is currently a board member of the San Bernardino Valley Concert Association, and an active member of San Bernardino Generation Now. He first became active in his community in October 2013, promoting civic engagement, and organizing projects and events, one of them being a series of bike rides in the city of San Bernardino, which connected him with like-minded advocates in the organization, Inland Empire Biking Alliance.

Cuong Phu Trinh - Director

It was during high school when I got my first full-sized mountain bike. My older brother took up mountain biking as a hobby and I was fortunate enough to get his hand-me-down. My occasional weekends spent visiting the San Francisco Bay area exposed me to a bikes and transit-oriented environment, vastly different than auto-centric Los Angeles. After several years as a member of the news media I wanted to become an agent of change. I enrolled in a graduate Urban Planning program, bought my first road bike and took to the streets; recreational biking first and later as an everyday form of transportation as a bicycle and transit commuter. My involvement with several bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations statewide combined with public agency work has enabled me to make active transportation more accessible to everyone. I created a social media and outreach campaign that led to a bicycle car being placed on each and every Metrolink train, the commuter rail system serving the entire Los Angeles metropolitan region. I have spoken at conferences about social media, as well as bicycle and transit integration. In my past role at the City of Rancho Cucamonga I worked with Alta Planning and Design staff to conduct outreach and write sections for the Circulation Master Plan for Bicyclists and Pedestrians. In addition I worked with community stakeholders to land the City of Rancho Cucamonga its Bicycle Friendly Community award and assisted in running the largest Safe Routes to School program of any city in San Bernardino County.

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