Nina Mohammed - Executive Director

Growing up in Ethiopia as a daughter of a bicycle wholesaler, my relationship with bikes started at a young age . At age 5, I rode a tricycle because I was too small to ride anything larger at the time. Around 3rd grade I started riding a bike with training wheels and remember trying to not have the training wheels touch the ground, by which I was able to balance well enough to have those removed a month later. By 6th grade I wasn’t quite tall enough to ride my brother’s adult sized bicycle so I had to stand on the pedals and jump off when I needed to stop. Those are my most fond memories of childhood. Bikes were nominally used in my high-school, college, and early work years. It wasn’t until I got a job 15 years later at the City of Grand Terrace that I finally decided to start using my bike. Motivated by a desire to improve my health by conquering the embarrassingly short 1-mile commute, I resurrected my childhood passion for biking. My work in the City of Grand Terrace had also introduced me to Active Transportation Program Grant, which brought me into the realm of alternative modalities of transportation. With this new mindset, my household is becoming more bicycle friendly, as I am teaching my nieces to ride so they can bike to school. Getting more kids to bicycle has become my goal and passion now, to give every kid an opportunity to experience

Marven Norman - Policy Director

Like every young American, I had several bikes as a boy. However, they spent the majority of the time in the garage collecting dust. It wasn't until I discovered Mr. Money Mustache's personal finance blog in 2011 that I really became interested in biking as a form of transportation. I bought a bike in an effort to save a couple bucks and quickly realized that the Inland Empire is in serious need of improved bikeability. As a result, I started to get involved in local planning and projects seeking to improve biking conditions in the region. After getting involved in local bikeway planning, I started studying more about best practices online, in published research materials, and from several internet sources. That led me to take trips to several other cities nationwide as well in Europe where biking is more prevalent to better understand best practice and how to properly design facilities that provide better protection and rider comfort than designs that are currently in use in the area. This experience has been invaluable to me and to bicyclists in the area.

Victoria Jones - Outreach Director

As the President of the Friends of the Pacific Electric Trail, Victoria Jones has helped develop the “Trail Enhancement Program” with the city of Rancho Cucamonga for local businesses or individuals to donate towards trail amenities such as: rest stops, benches, trees, pet stations, bike racks, etc., for the community to enjoy. To date this program has donated over $60,000.00 to the city of Rancho Cucamonga. She sits on the Healthy RC Steering Committee with the city in a leadership capacity as co-chair and on sub-committees on initiatives to the General Plan such as Farmers Markets, Community Gardens and Complete Streets. She co-produces the annual Cucamonga Challenge for the Friends which is combined with the cities Wellness Fair, attracting 300 – 400 participants annually. In addition to her role as president, she also has added responsibilities of the Director of Development, expanding partnerships with community groups, schools, neighboring municipalities, local hospitals and universities, etc. She is also a member of the Inland Empire Bicycle Alliance promoting the expansion of bike trails in the Inland Empire. She is an avid bike rider who participated in the LA Marathon for several years and more recently, rides in and supports CicLAvia which promotes bike usage and safety. When she’s not riding or walking on the PE Trail, you can find her enjoying her next favorite hobby, gardening in her retreat. She’s a ninth generation California native and currently resides in Rancho Cucamonga.

Cesar Gomez - Volunteer Coordinator & Community organizer

An entrepreneur and musician striving to be a bike-league certified instructor. He's had much experience working in the Inland Empire with helping implement various projects and campaigns. He's been a grassroots organizer for several campaigns and has helped to launch various businesses, brands and events. While growing up in Los Angeles, biking was a form of having fun and then because a form of adventure and exercise. Cesar enjoys mountain biking and being part of bike events such as CiLAvia.  Cesar has been able to do a lot with limited resources and is a great addition to the IEBA staff team. 

Jan Remetir - LCI Educator

I’m an immigrant who grew up in Redlands for most of my life. After college I moved to cities where cycling and other forms of active transportation were normalized.  I’ve begun volunteering at bike cooperative spaces in both LA and New York and as soon as I moved back to Redlands there was a community waiting for me at the BikeBBQ.  My background is in education, health, ethnic studies and biology. I hope to use all my skills in order to introduce cycling as a resource for connecting all our communities in the Inland Empire. 

Leroy Thomas - SB Bicycle Hubitat Supervisor

Hi, my name is Leroy Thomas I am 23 years old. My hobbies consist of dancing, tennis, and cycling. Growing up in Fontana my life was the same as any other child I just had a bigger outlook on life than most. I have a love for creation, I have been working on cars since I was little boy.I got into high school and my creative inspiration changed, when I fractured my ankle and my sister told me to give up on life. First thing I did was get on my bike with my cast to rehabilitated my ankle, after that inspiring moment I haven’t stopped riding bikes.My friends and I started talking about taking bikes and making them better and before I knew it I had become a good bike mechanic. I started looking for specific bikes for different styles of riding, I fell in love with speed and the agility of all the bikes I would come across.When I was learning auto mechanic at San Bernardino Valley College, I started to learn anything I could to make my cycling better. Three years in, I stumbled to “The Hubitat”. It made me want my own shop and now, I am the manager at “The Hubitat”. My passion has done nothing but help me grow and I am now a part of a biking community with the IEBA .


Felix Pineda - Policy Intern


My name is Felix Pineda, and I’m an intern for Inland Empire Biking Alliance. I am currently a graduate student at CSUSB and thought it a great opportunity to gain field experience with a nonprofit organization that is doing great work helping the community stay healthy by promoting bicycling. I am a cyclist myself, trying to do my part in conserving the planet as long as possible, while at the same time staying healthy. I couldn’t have found a greater organization to get know and work with than Inland Empire Biking Alliance.

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